The submission of papers by a bold lady from tribal area is welcome and optimistic. The different sections of civil society and bastions of human rights in general and women's right in particular are appreciating this move. The story has just begun; these same organizations should also help and protect her. First and foremost, the female candidates will have to take a firm stand against the resistance form whatsoever. It is not just all about their elections but it is a war for the protection of their rights against religious bigots and terrorism. It must be noted that they are following Martin Luther King, who stood against tyranny and was martyred. But today the highest office of United State of America belongs to his posterity.

History is evident such movements’ call for sacrifices. In the same way they are not only running for their constituencies but also paving the way for the coming generations. Secondly it is incumbent upon the Election Commission of Pakistan to provide the candidates free and fair environment for contesting the election and launching their campaign. Beside the elections commission of Pakistan, the caretaker government must take a stand to protect the freedom and dignity of the aspirants to the parliament. It is the fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan incorporated under Article 9 and 14-19 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The executive with the help of local political agents or right-thinking tribal chiefs must take necessary measures to ensure the safety and freedom of candidates otherwise its effects will be negative. Firstly, it would be a grave violation of the constitutional right and secondly, if a dominant section of the society is allowed to deprive, by use of threat and force, people who are freely exerting their political right, it would amount to undermining the basic spirit of democracy.


Arifwala, April 3.