Lahore-Trouble brings the contagious cinema Hazards for Spring Summer 2014. Get in the picture from the legends of the silver screen. Ali Xeeshan’s block buster collection marches “off the screen” and stomp out of the box office.  As he flirts with his film making dreams, inspired from the windows of the cinema, the desire to escape from the real world. He airs the tailor of his creations from the casts, characters of the 60’s and 70’s that coins the old school!

EMBELLISHMENTS: The maestro’s kits of fabrics are taken by the lamb storm of boogie nights. Exotic fabrication grizzling in charismatic layers like a kaleidoscope of texture into top notch Persian feroza and black diamonds, aspiring oxidized ribbon in gold leafing for a bonafide vintage fashion, a closet of tough luck !

FASHION TRENDS: The patch board is a plot / template of elegance and mish mash of organic and hand woven raw silk tailored is sheer net, lace trimmed blouses and loon pants. The fashion trends revolting with a wind of vengeance, like the kiss of death that knot the chocolate hero in wide legged flairs. Tampering sleeves and a ruffled narrow frame work around the waist. A push button around the upper hip, that is the new waistline.  CUTS: Replacing the glamour of the discography and pop hits from the golden age of Pakistan Cinema in body flittering, hip huggers, instructed and fluidly cuts in straight lines, cutting down the drapes, brings in the x factor. 

TECHNIQUES: Exotic and jaw dropping embroideries in damask motives on leisure suits in bohemian style.

COLOR PLATTE: The colour reel dips down into the flashbacks of the Kodak moments in dusrt, gold, black, sepia, and torques with a dash of tropical red. Ready to shimmy and shake on the runway