Being a working woman and a single mother, I am generally running around to get my work done on time. Recently I needed a few days off, and still stay in touch with my office, which required internet. I had been putting it off, as I had faced problems with almost all internet providers. But this was an emergency, and despite reservations I called one of the numerous marketing SMS I had received, promising me everything from grocery to medicines, low fares and home tuitions. The SMS in themselves are a growing nuisance but I was in a hurry and called one of them. I requested them for the best internet provider in the city, Wateen telecom! Having provided me a used device he also promised me that my billing would be from the date of my connection which was March 10.

The response was swift but the delivery of the device was four hours late. Finally on a Saturday evening (or night) I got the device. The boy who came to deliver had no idea how to install it. I should have become wise and stopped the transaction there, but my children told me that I was becoming an old nagging hag! I let him install the device, link it to my laptop, create passwords and he left taking Rs 3200 in cash.

He made me fill out a form from Wateen, gave him my NIC card. He promised me the connection would start as soon as they had done the paper work. I expected a few hours delay but it went to Sunday for my connection to work.

The speed was slow, the outages many, but I decided to make the best of it. On March 29 my internet got disconnected and a message came that I had to pay my bill, my bill? Being shocked I started calling on the dealer, who was in Islamabad not Lahore, which was my first shock. The second was that the account was not in my name. The third I paid Rs 1270 for 20days! I have been trying for the last one week to resolve this issue but it seems as if no one is responsible, except me, for making such a stupid mistake.

I wish there was some kind of authority where one could complain about the many problems that we face every day. First good organizations should not risk bad service by out sourcing their company products to franchises that cannot provide good service, secondly there should be a law to close these businesses if they do not keep the promises they make. There has to be accountability or we will all go down the drain.


Lahore, April 6.