Education has always been important but never more so in man's history than today. In a science-based world, education and research are crucial to the entire developmental process of a country, its welfare, progress and security.

The promotion of education is national demand and religious obligation to get education and spread knowledge.

These views were expressed by the participants during a discussion held here at the Islamia University Bahawalpur under the topic of "The role of civil society and universities in the promotion of education".

Renowned figures of the country from different fields including Human Rights activist Ansar Burni, Puppeteer Farooq Qaiser, film, stage and TV artiste Masood Akhter, cartoonist Javed Iqbal, IUB Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Mukhtar, Malik Habibullah Bhutta and the Cholistan Development Council CDC Bahawalpur Director Razia Malik took part in the discussion and presented their point of view about the importance of education in human life.

They remarked that being religious obligation we had to make joint efforts to improve literacy rate in the country without any discrimination. The education of girls should be encouraged and supported at all levels to develop confidence among them for better grooming of new generation.

They were of the view that concept of education for just employment should be set aside and efforts should be made to promote technical education to make students well skilled and earning hand without any difficulty.

The IUB VC underlined the need for make changes in academic syllabus and educational standards to bring it at par with international standards.

Dr Muhammad Mukhtar said that the youth was fully capable to learn and serve and they had potential to deliver the best as they had been concentrating more on science and technology here at the university.