LAHORE: A local court on Monday, directed police to take action against actress Meera and her husband captain Navid in accordance with the law, allegedly accused of making a controversial movie and spreading it on the internet.

The couple has not attended any of the case's 10 hearings so far.  The court finally directed police to take action against both of them in accordance with the law.

Shabbir Ahmed, an office worker in the eastern city of Lahore, took the matter to court in February - saying she should be charged with "spreading obscenity and adultery". The petitioner pleaded the court to direct police to register FIR against both Meera and Captain Navid.  Meera's lawyer Ahmed Faheem Bhatti said he would try to overturn Monday's ruling in the high court. "My client has all along been denying that she was in the video and she has stated that it was a fake video," the lawyer told AFP.–Staff Reporter