The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry has regretted that the industrialists are dumbstruck by the 'worst discrimination' in the supply of sui gas to local industry, saying that ample gas supply is being bestowed upon Gujrat industry while industry in Gujranwala is being meted out step-motherly attitude.

In joint statement issued here on Monday, GCCI President Nouman Salahuddin, Senior Vice President Sarfraz Ahmad Siddiqui and Vice President Rehmanul Haq lamented that they were unable to comprehend the government policy as despite repeated demands for full pressure of sui gas, industry of Gujranwala was being ignored. They expressed their surprise over the continuous seven days' gas supply to CNG sector at a time when Industry was confronted with severe gas crisis, adding that it reflected the government 'priorities' about the promotion of industry.

The GCCI office bearers pointed out that one always listened to the political leaders, claiming that textile sector could not be shut down due to energy crises but the question was whether textile industry was the only industry and other industries have no importance at all?

They elaborated by giving example of China, Bangladesh and India that these countries proved their mettle in the world due to their strong industrial development which they achieved through fair and just policies.

"The country has been granted GSP Plus status but the provision of gas and electricity has been disconnected to our industry. How could we compete in such a situation," they questioned. They regretted that that Gujranwala was the hub of metal, ceramics, tiles, furnaces, SMEs and various other Industries but the pressure of gas was equal to unavailability which was badly affecting the production. The unemployment will automatically increase due to closure of industry under the circumstances, they pointed out, adding that the national economy was already at the verge of destruction and unemployment and inflation has reached at alarming level. The GCCI office bearers demanded the government to take stock of the alarming situation and take pity on the Gujranwala industry by providing full pressure of sui gas.

They also demanded end to discrimination and fair and just distribution of gas to industry across the country to keep the production wheel running.