LAHORE- Khawaja Saad Rafiq, federal minister for railways, has said that he endorsed the statement of Army Chief that dignity of institution of Army must be preserved adding that it is not the duty of army chief only rather it is the duty of the whole nation to protect respect, prestige and pride of the institution of armed forces of Pakistan.

He said that in fact Musharraf is a person who has brought disrepute to the institution of army more than anyone else. Talking to private TV, Saad said that only those are negatively linking his statements with the ISPR’s who want save to Musharraf. He said Musharraf is a politician and heads political party APML and his party workers, mostly lawyers, are playing dirty games to make institution of army controversial by making such linkages in their bid to save Musharraf. Saad Rafiq said that his present point of view about Musharraf is same as it was in 2000, in 2002 or in 2008 and it will always remain same. He alleged that Musharraf has brought a bad name to the institution of army and had defamed the institution. Saad said that in his statement he only discussed Musharraf and criticized his negative role of acting against the constitution of the country and institution of armed forces. Saad said that the government and armed forces are on the same page on every issue and this specific issue of Musharraf has no link whatsoever with the institution of army or the government. He added that the link of the government with Musharraf’s issue was limited to ECL. He said that PML-N government considers that Musharraf’s name could not be excluded from the ECL as he is facing the allegations of treason, the most heinous crime described in the basic book of the country.