ISLAMABAD - Untimely rains, which hit many parts of the country recently, could have negative impact on the wheat crop, which is in mature stage. More rain spells are expected during the month of April that could be harmful for the wheat crop, said Director General Met Services, Arif Mahmood. Dry period is good for the wheat crop in April as farmers carry harvest during this month, he added. The met office has advised the farmers to stop irrigating the crops by keeping in view the expected rain in agricultural plains of the country. Weeds are expected to shoot in excess after recent heavy rains and farmers should control its growth, said a met office advisory issued to farmers.

They are also advised to ensure field sanitation and prophylactic fungicidal and viral sprays to prevent spread of diseases on their standing crops.

Wheat crop is at very crucial development stages of wax maturity/full maturity in Sindh and Punjab. Farmers of these areas are advised to irrigate the crops as per requirement keeping expected rains in mind.

Farmers of southern Punjab and Sindh are also advised to prepare land for cotton in time so that best grains conditions may be fully utilized during the whole crop life.