I would like to draw the attention of the authorities to the snap checking, which is going on in Karachi. I am sure this is very important to keep the city peaceful but there is need for a proper procedure. The rangers need to be trained in how to conduct these ‘snap checking.’ First they need to be visible to the commuters, it should be clear that are the authority, rather than someone who intended to rob them.

Last night I was travelling on University Road, on my motorbike, when a Ranger personnel raised his hand, as a signal for me to stop. I was driving fast and it was very dark, I could barely make out who was stopping me. As I was driving fast it took me some time to stop my bike. One of the Rangers, presuming I was running away, pointed his gun at me! I was petrified, I told them that as I was driving fast it was not easy to stop the bike immediately.

They were very rude but tried to explain that they had been attacked many times by people riding bikes. I can understand, we are all facing immense threat on the roads and the Rangers need to do these snap checking but we must assure the safety of these brothers in uniform, who are trying to help us, as well as the commuters in Karachi. I would request the authorities to take necessary measures for the security of both.


Karachi, April 6.