Maintaining tradition, the Annual Book Fair was organized in the University of the Punjab. More than 30,000 books, had been sold at the end of the second day, according to a report. Though the numbers indicate that our youth may be reading books I know that is not true. No thanks to social websites, the youth of today does not have time to enjoy the pleasure of a book. Events like ‘Book Fair’ and other ‘literary gatherings’ should be convened to ignite the passion for reading. But the Book Fair in the University of the Punjab appeared to be profit oriented.

Those books which are not sold in the shops are sold at a discounted price in these fairs. I asked a sales person if the books I needed were available and he kept saying no to all the books I asked for. He also informed me that these books would be available at the main shop. So the question is what good are these Book Fair’s to ordinary citizens? I would like to request the administration of University of the Punjab to look at the list of books, these vendors would be putting on sale, and if they are beneficial to the students.


Lahore, April 6.