London-With more than 3,000ft of railway track and 28 trains, this spectacular display is thought to be the largest indoor model railway in Britain.

The exhibition, dubbed ‘Wroxham Miniature Worlds’, was created by train enthusiast Sean Green, 45, and his 23-year-old son, Robert, in Hoveton, Norfolk.

It features incredibly detailed scenes from across the world - from the glorious British countryside to the busy streets of Japan.

It has now been opened to the public for the first time - and is expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Mr Green, who operates a coach travel company, said he was delighted to have fulfilled his life-long dream of opening a model railway display.

‘The collecting bug is a gene that some people just have,’ said Mr Green, who spent three years creating the display. ‘I have collected all sorts of things over the years, but like all collectors, there is never enough space.

‘I have seen big displays in Europe but nothing like it open to the public over here. I have always said there should be one, then thought why can’t we do that?’ Most of Mr Green’s track features idyllic scenes modeled on rural British life - including churches, local pubs, village greens, open countryside, campsites complete with tents and campers, and miniature cars and trucks.  There are cattle grazing as farmers tend to their field, a village fete complete with an ice cream van and a number of quaint market stalls.

There is also a miniature cricket club called Skaledale, featuring players and a sleepy crowd of observers snoozing on deckchairs in the sun.

Eagle-eyed visitors will even be able to spot two campers having an argument in a field over which pitch to take for their campervans.

However, the amazing display also features scenes from other European destinations  - with trains chugging over snowy mountains, complete with ice skaters, pretty villages, castles and fairground attractions.

And a further 260sq-ft part of track is modeled on Japan, featuring an authentic bullet train whizzing from the city, past fishing villages and out into the countryside. Mr Green said he hoped the attraction would both help others share his passion for model railways and inspire other collectors.