Villagers of more than two dozen villages situated on Hafizabad-Alipur Road have expressed grave concern over the inordinate delay in the repair to the road which has developed ditches and potholes, causing serious mishaps. They pointed out that the 20-km road was metalled about 18 years back to provide better communication facilities to thousands of villagers dwelling in villages along the road. But due to indifferent attitude of the public representatives and the Road Department, the road has never been repaired. They demanded prompt repair to the road to ensure smooth flow of traffic as well as prevent day-to-day fatal accidents.

WAGES PAYMENT: Daily wagers of Utility Stores have called upon the authorities to ensure payment of their wages which have outstanding for the past seven months. Addressing local newsmen, they said that due to non-payment of wages for the past seven months, they and their family members were facing a lot of hardships and inconvenience in running their households.

They have appealed to the higher authorities of PUS to order for immediate payment of their arrears to save their families from likely starvation.