Yes, that’s right. Everything, everyone, in fact the whole world cannot survive without water. Plants need water, animals need water and human beings need water to live and survive. Water is the most important resource of nature that is required to ensure our survival. Life cannot exist without water. We need water every day. From drinking to cooking food or for bathing or cleaning, we use water all the time. Water is also essential for agriculture, for running industries and for transportation.

An average person can stay alive for many days without food but without water, it is impossible to live for more than one or two days.

About 75% of planet Earth is water and that is the reason of the existence of life on Earth. If there will be no water on earth, it will become a dead planet like mars which has no life.

As the population of the world is increasing the usage of water is also increasing day by day. Due to growing population and pollution, people of almost every part of the world, are facing the problem of clean water shortage. Conservation of fresh and clean water is one of the biggest needs of today. We must save water if we want to save the life on the Earth. We can contribute to conserve the clean water by making some small efforts.


Karachi, March 23.