MULTAN: PTI vice chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that although Bhutto is alive, PPP has died.

Addressing a workers convention organised by Insaf Students Federation here on Saturday, he said that the PPP is no more Bhutto's party. "Now it has become 'Zar ' and 'Dari's' party," he maintained. He said that PPP's ideology used to be Bhutto's ideology and if the ideology vanished, the parties would die down too. He said that the parties are formed of workers while a worker is made by ideology. He said that ideology of a political party is a form of democratic process. "If a party has both workers and ideology, it always exists," he pointed. He said that Bilawal does not get respect due to Zardari, rather he is respected by the people due to Bhutto.

He lashed out at both the PPP and PML-N and said that both the parties looted the country during last few decades. He maintained that both the parties earned kickbacks and made heavy fortunes besides rendering the country bankrupt. "Today every Pakistani is under Rs130,000 debt," he pointed out. He said that announcement of amnesty scheme just before budget is weird and no one could understand as to why this step has been taken.–Staff Reporter

"The PTI rejects this scheme. It is announced to facilitate blue-eyed people," he maintained.

He said that the youth loves Imran Khan. "They want change in the country. They want justice and rule of law in Pakistan," he added. He asked the youth to become part of PTI. "If the youth, who are 65 percent of total voters, think that the PPP and PML-N have harmed the country, they should join hands with the PTI in 2018 election and support us in accomplishing our mission to bring change," he added.

He said that the workers need to spread the message of PTI to every household, adding that the 2018 elections would change the history of the country. He asserted that the youth could play key role in bringing change in the country.