April 8, 1904, marks the inauguration of one of the busiest squares of the world, Times Square. From the last eight decades, Times Square has been a major commercial intersection and tourist destination in mid-town Manhattan of New York City.

Previously known as Longacre Square, it was renamed as Times Square when the New York Times moved its headquarters to the times building. Although the times moved to a different building, the tower still stands as a focal point in Times Square. Home to the greatest theatres, plaza, and restaurants of the world, Times Square emerged on the map of New York by the intersection of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street and Broadway back in the day. It has been through multiple eras of vibrancy and depravity yet it remains “crossroads” of the world.

“Great White Way” and the “Tenderloin” were few of the nicknames given Times Square. These names date back to the time when Times Square was the most desirable place In Manhattan in the early 1920s. Appears, as it is still the most desirable place in the world after almost a century.