LONDON-Peter Andre has dubbed his wife Emily as his ‘’rock’’, as she has been fully supportive of his decision to pursue an acting career in America. Peter Andre has dubbed his wife Emily as his ‘’rock’’.

The 45-year-old singer recently turned his hand to acting after landing a role in ‘The Inheritance’ - for which he has been nominated for a Best Actor gong at the North Hollywood Film Festival - and has now praised his wife Emily for sticking by him and supporting his career move, whilst also keeping up her own medical career and looking after their two children Amelia, five, and Theodore, two.

In a post on Twitter - which was also shared on Instagram - he wrote: ‘’For the first time in 45 years things are looking incredible for me here in America and I’m so grateful. Through it all, you Emily are my rock and I love you. I’m putting it on here so everyone knows what a legend you are.

Meanwhile, Peter - who also has Princess, 11, and Junior, 13, with his ex-wife Katie Price - recently claimed he and Emily were thinking about having another child, and would make a decision on the size of their family within ‘’the next year’’.

When asked if they’d want a third tot, Peter said: ‘’It’s so funny because we’ve had this chat over and over again now. We can’t decide. In the next year we will know. We will know if we’re gonna go for it or not.’’

But shortly after his confession, Emily insisted she isn’t ready for a third child and is ‘’really busy’’ focusing on her career, and doesn’t want the ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker ‘’changing nappies’’ at the age of 50.

She said: ‘’Pete recently said that we’d been chatting about another baby. I’d say never say never when it comes to a third child, but it’s 100 per cent not happening at the moment as now is not the right time. I’m really busy and I’m focusing on my career. Pete also said he doesn’t want to be changing nappies when he’s 50, but that still gives us a couple of years! In a couple of years, Theo will be going to school so maybe we will then.’’