Pope Francis blamed Europe and the United States of America (USA) for the fuelling conflict around the world by selling them weapons. He made the statement while speaking to students and teachers of Milan’s San Carlo Institute on Saturday. This is a great acknowledgment of the fact that there is an underlying cause to the wars around the world and the West has had a great role to play in it. With institutions like the United Nations serving as the great gatekeepers of the harmony of the world, the diplomatic structures prevent the discourse regarding unrest in the world and the role several key political leaders play in it.

The separation between the church and the states has been a happy one but this statement changes that dynamic. One can speculate the ripple effect it will garner but this is just a stepping stone in the long process of acknowledging the effects of the capitalism infused democracy, which is creating space for individual interest over collective interest. The entire narrative against refugees of the world has resulted in thousands being homeless and thousands losing their lives. Pope Francis has rightly pointed out that foreigners are not the only source of crime because mafias have always existed in their own countries.

The USA has also capped its refugee entries to a mere 30,000 individuals per year. This is the lowest number of refugees that America has welcomed on its land in history. At the same time, the European Union (EU) has given the order of stopping all efforts to save drowning refugees. The world governments need to initiate a dialogue to assess the humanitarian relief efforts of the West along with a keen focus on the wars around the world, which have prevented equal development for long.