ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division), Omar Ayub Khan, said on Sunday that electricity shortfall stood at ‘zero’ as of power generation was more than the figure demand and supply of the country.

Omar Ayub Khan, in his latest Twitter message, detailed that the demand of power stood at 14,840 megawatts after the availability of 17,100 MW electricity in the national system as per statistics provided for Sunday at 8.30 pm.

The Federal Minister clarified that announced load management was continued in the areas facing losses due to electricity theft and other [technical] reasons.

On February 22, he had said that this government has inherited fragile power generation and distribution systems.

He said that affordable electricity is necessary for progress of a country.

He said that the government wants to slash the price of electricity to make it affordable and is correcting its direction for improvement.

He said that supplying cheaper power to countrymen is the foremost priority of the government.

The Minister said that the government wants to minimise dependence on oil for power generation.

“We will move forward towards inexpensive alternate sources of energy,” he said.

He said that the government bringing foreign direct investment in Pakistan.

He promised around 30 to 40 b dollars investment in the energy sector.