MARDAN                -             Office bearers of All Pa­kistan Paramedical Staff Association (APP­SA) have strongly con­demned the violence and arrests of doctors and other staff in Quetta and demanded of the govern­ment to immediately re­lease the doctors and other staff and also ar­rest the culprits.

Addressing an emer­gency meeting held at the District Headquar­ter Hospital, Shaharaftul­lah Yousafzai, President (APPSA), provincial gen­eral secretary of para­medics association Rudad Khan, provincial addi­tional general secretary Shamsh-ul-Taj, finance secretary Fazl-e-Qayum, senior vice president Per­vez Khan, vice chairman Sami-ur-Rehman and Taj Muhammad president paramedic DHQ addressed the emergency meeting.

The speakers said that there is a procedure and all countries are paying close attention to the se­curity measures for the frontline force against the coronavirus, but in Pakistan, these para­medics have not been provided necessary pro­tective kits.