The government has taken the right decision to reach out to countries and international forums to reschedule loans of developing nations in general and those of Pakistan in particular. It was Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan who initially asked wealthy countries and international financial institutions to reconsider the loans of developing nations. By taking the lead in this initiative the Pakistan government has shown its ability to engage the international community on an issue that requires unity. Foreign policy wise, taking the lead on this is supremely beneficial for us.

The coronavirus looks set to inaugurate a turbulent new political and economic era, the only way to fight it is if the world unites against it. Some of the challenges that the virus poses to the world are identical to those the international community faced after World War II. Perhaps, in this scenario as in WWII, the economic challenge is one of the most significant ones. Therefore, the government’s decision to use all diplomatic channels for the rescheduling and waiving off loans – after PM Khan’s proposal found support at international forums – is the right one. Emerging as an influential state after the dust has settled is only added bonus.

As the government will be reaching out to countries and international financial institutions, developing nations will unite behind Pakistan and we can use this support to become the flag-bearers on this issue. Calling this a diplomatic masterstroke then, is not wrong. Such an initiative, if it succeeds, will show Pakistan’s commitment to internationalism. And in these times, this call deserves all applause. If Pakistan’s diplomatic initiative succeeds, it will not only save countries like Pakistan from economic turbulence but also many others like ours. It will prove to be of utmost significance in the fight against coronavirus. For us, if successful, this could be one of our greatest victories in the international political arena.