ISLAMABAD               -          As a contribution towards fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic, spread­ing across the world, the Pakistan Hu­manitarian Forum (PHF) and the Na­tional Humanitarian Network (NHN) have offered all-out cooperation and support to the government in its initia­tives to control the spread of the virus in the country.

“We fully appreciate the clear com­mitment and resolve shown by federal and provincial governments in ensur­ing quality and timely medical care be­ing provided to those affected by coro­navirus pandemic. We also reaffirm our resolve to extend all-out assistance to the government in its relief operations across country to protect communities and citizens in these hard times,” a joint statement issued by both the organiza­tions read.

Both PHF and NHN as platforms of ac­tive and credible international and na­tional NGOs and humanitarian work­ers from across Pakistan offered their support to the government authorities in areas of food security and nutrition programmes, livelihood uplift and eco­nomic empowerment. “We can provide sizeable outreach support to govern­ment, especially in reaching difficult/remote areas, accessing communities, identifying people in need and raising awareness on safe practices and preven­tive measures through nationwide cam­paigns,” the statement read.

“The organizations who are part of both networks have already activated their health facilities to support the gov­ernment in dealing with the pandemic and will make all-out efforts to arrange required medical kits and equipment without any cost,” it added.

Both the networks appreciated the timely decision of the Ministry of Inte­rior allowing national and internation­al NGOs to step up their efforts in sup­port of NDMA and PDMAs and all other local, provincial and national authorities fighting against COVID-19 outbreak.

The decision indicates confidence of the government in the role and contri­bution of INGOs in tackling such nation­al catastrophes in the past and will also boost avenues of cooperation, joint ac­tion and complementarity of efforts. However, streamlining formal coordina­tion mechanisms can fetch positive out­comes efficiently and effectively in such difficult situations, the statement read.

Both the organisations appreciated the commitment and voluntary spirit of frontline healthcare workers, paramed­ics, law enforcement agencies and army personnel helping out citizens by risk­ing their own lives