Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan’s warning of taking stern action against those threatening of creating food shortages in the country as a pressure tactic to get stop forensic audit into wheat and sugar price hike scam is working well, sources said on Tuesday.

Credible sources privy to the developments, confided to The Nation reacted with great displeasure and warring of strict action when informed during the Cabinet meeting that some elements are threatening the commission investigating the sugar scam. The Prime Minister according to the sources warned that government will take strict action against those involved in the sugar crisis after the commission probing the matter submits a final report on April 25.

The Prime Minister also warned those thinking of creating artificial food shortages during the holy month of Ramazan, adding that government will not allow such lobbies to profit at the expense of poor people. Prime Minister further said government will introduce a foolproof and transparent system will be introduced to ensure transparency and that such an artificial crisis is not created again.

In a related development, Prime Minister has directed to relevant quarters to check and plug all loopholes to that no one was able to exploit the poor segment of  the society in these testing times because of Coronavirus pandemic.

According to informed sources, Prime Minister has also sought a detailed report from his Principal Secretary Azam Khan about the blue-eyed of such elements in the civil services who could be used for their nefarious design.

This important step, sources said is being taken on the reports that those powerful people named in the two preliminary inquiry reports the government had made public few days ago about the causes of wheat and sugar crises still enjoy their strong influence in the civil bureaucracy and political circles.

“There could be serious repercussions of Prime Minister’s unprecedented move to make these reports public in order to fulfil his promise with people of Pakistan to ensure transparency in the across the board  accountability process”, a senior PTI leader said.

He noted that Prime Minister had done it despite tremendous pressure just for the sake of larger public interest, adding the bold decision taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan also has political consequences.

However, Prime Minister, he said totally committed to dispense justice no matter who some from within his party or otherwise was powerful.

 Another PTI leader maintained that Prime Minister has also ordered for contingency counter planning to offset any move to destabilise the PTI-led ruling coalition at the Centre and the Punjab province.