LAHORE - Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir said that instead of getting afraid, it was our mission to fight against COVID-19. He was speaking at the public awareness song releasing event in the wake of COVID-19. IGP said that Punjab police had presented the awareness message regarding fight against Corona virus in the form of a song so that the citizens may save themselves by adopting precautionary measures. He said that Punjab police with the help of doctors and other government departments was engaged in protecting people. He said with the mutual and cohesive efforts of all the departments, Pakistani nation would soon overcome this difficulty. IGP said that in this time of difficulty, Punjab police was not only ensuring implementation of directions issued by the government with respect to lockdwon but also contributing its share by compensating their difficulties through provision of ration to deserved families. The song was recorded in the voice of singer Sultan Saqib Baloch in which precautionary measures including repeating of hands washing, using face masks and hand sanitizers alongwith other preventive measures recommended by the experts have been highlighted.

In the song services and efforts of Pak Army, doctors, police force, rescue and other many departments have also been paid homage for being on the front line by putting their lives at stakes and protecting precious lives of the people.

The video of the song was filmed in the background of historical places of Lahore including Badshahi mosque, Minar e Pakistan and other famous places. A tribute has also been given to brave doctor Usama Riaz who died during the treatment of corona-affected patients in Gilgit Baltistan.