MOHMAND                -               Mohmand tribesmen continued their protest against the border disputes with Bajaur Nawagi tribesmen on the third consecutive day on Tuesday.

Hundreds of tribesmen belonging to various localities blocked the main Peshawar-Bajaur road near Darbano check post over the land dispute. They blocked the highway for the whole day for all sorts of traffic.

Senator Hilal Rahman warned that the Bajaur district administration should immediately resolve the border disputes between the two tribal dis­tricts otherwise it would responsible for the situation.

He warned that they would stop the Bajaur district people by force while crossing Mohmand areas of the issue were not properly solved.

It is to be mentioned here that Safi tribe of Mohmand district has a land dispute with Khan family of Nawagi of Bajaur district for the last 20 years.

A grand jirga was also held there in which leaders of different political par­ties as well as elders of tribes of the Mo­hmand nation participated in a large number. The political leaders and el­ders in the jirga criticized the adminis­tration, police, elected representatives for not resolving the dispute.

While on the other hand in Nawagai, a jirga was held against this jirga.

Addressing the jirga, Senator Hilal Rahman, MPA Nisar Mohmand, MPA Abbas Rahman, PTI General Secretary and candidate PK-104 Sajjad Khan, representatives of the Safi Youth Jir­ga, Anwar Khan Safi, Malik Israel Safi, Noor Islam, Liaqat Khan, Dr. Hayat, Mohmand Syasi Itehad president and JUI-F district Amir Maulana Arif Haqqani, general secretary Fazal Hadi, Zahid Khan, Mursalin Khan, JI lead­er Firdous Khan and others said that thousands of acres of land in Mamd-Gut, on which Mamd-Gat Cadet College has also been built, is the property of Mohmand tribe.

They regret that in the current situa­tion district administration, police are doing nothing to resolve the issue.

Assistant Commissioner Upper Mo­hmand Hamid Iqbal and SDPO Jan Mu­hammad Khan meanwhile held talks with the protesters, however, no pro­gress was made.

The Pak army 103-Bargade constitut­ed a 20-member committee which to resolve the dispute.