The Vermont senator is the latest presidential hopeful from the initial 29 candidates to step down from the Democratic campaign, leaving Joe Biden as the only candidate from the party to stand in the election.

US Senator Bernie Sanders has quit the Democratic presidential race, his campaign revealed on Wednesday. The politician announced his decision to withdraw from the race in a conference call with his staff and is now planning to address his supporters via a livestream at 11:45 ET.

The senator's move effectively means that former Vice President Joe Biden will run against incumbent President Trump in this year's election.

His pull-out from the race comes just a day after the 2020 Wisconsin Democratic primary, where his rival Biden is likely to come out ahead of the Vermont senator, according to several pollsters.

Despite the initial successes, Sanders has won nine contests and attracted 31.03% of the popular vote, ceding the lead to the former vice president, who has prevailed in 19 contests.

Who is Bernie Sanders?

78-year-old Sanders, born in Brooklyn, New York, has had a long political record. He has served as a United States senator for Vermont since 3 January, 2007 and was the US representative for Vermont's at-large congressional district from 1991 to 2007.