ISLAMABAD - Dr Fozia, sister of Dr Afia, has said that Dr Afia is innocent but for a long time, she had been facing inhuman treatment from the US authorities at bloody Bagram torture cell. She was addressing a press conference here on Thursday. she said, "My sister is so weak, that her weight is only 30 kg. It shows the inhuman brutality of a so-called 'Civilised' nation". Dr Fozia said, "Central Investigative Agency (CIA) of US could find a single clue against my sister but she is deprived of basic human rights, as she is not allowed to get the medicines". She added, "US prides itself for its judicial system, I pray she may get a fair trial. "My appeal is to Pakistani people, my brothers and sisters that your sister has been abducted, tortured and humiliated for continuous five years" adding that her three children, including a six months baby were snatched from her, she deplored.  She said that unfortunately her sister was facing trial chargers, which were totally false. She especially pointed out the Wednesday's picture published in different newspapers. She said, "It is a picture of a severely dehydrated sick person almost as if on the deathbed. Any one with any feelings, their hearts would go out for the agony this woman has endured", she added.Senator Iqbal Haider, President of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Amna Masood Janjua, a renowned human rights activist, who is fighting for the missing persons, were also present on the occasion. She said that our Attorney in the USA Ms Ealine Whitfield recently told her that Afia was in a fragile condition, in severe pain. "I have no guns, nothing, just tears and cries but I am confident that 16 crore people of Pakistan are hearing me and they would never leave their sister and children alone.