Do actions speak louder than words? In today's world, perceptions speak louder than words, as well as actions. The PML-Q has been extremely critical of Prime Minister's visit to US and has termed it a complete failure. Objections by the opposition party include allegation of mismanagement on the tour, lack of coordination between the information and foreign ministries and off loading of half a dozen members of the media team from the US-bound plane. There is also some criticism over lack of official protocol for PM upon his arrival. His plane was kept on hold in mid air for some time and courtesy commonly extended to heads of states was not extended to the Pakistani PM. All these objections are pointless, merely aimed at damaging the image of government and serve no other purpose at all. The objective is to highlight shortcomings of the tour and undermine achievements of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. The PM showed courage and confidence. Despite these glitches, he emerged at the end as an accomplished leader. Even during Prime Minister's appearance alongside George Bush, it was very apparent that he was not to be cowed down easily. His responses were humble yet accurate. -RAZIA MASOOD, Lahore, August 6.