Your editorial 'Another petrol hike' (The Nation Jul 22) was quite revealing in that the government, suppliers and dealers make big bucks in enhanced taxes on every price hike of petroleum products. Nothing could be more shameful for a government to raise prices of these necessities of life by such wide margins every other day to reap windfall of profits on taxes by causing misery to the people whom they swear to serve.  I agree with you that government should provide relief to the hard-pressed people by absorbing part of these taxes to lower prices of kerosene, diesel and petrol. One would support your observation that need for alternative energy sources is pressing. The country is endowed with immense potential of hydropower to the tune of over 40,000 MW. Hydro electricity is far cheaper than energy produced by fossil fuel. It is environment friendly and not based on imported but local resource. We have so far exploited hardly 11% of our hydro potential. Why it should not be given the top priority? Production of hydel power will also provide water for irrigation to grow cereals. It would help remove the worst ever food scarcity experienced by the country. -BASHIR A. MALIK, Lahore, via e-mail, July 23.