The PPP government delivered another shocking blow to the already hard-pressed masses with increase in petroleum prices by 24%. The petrol price is Rs: 86.66 this month. Bomb-blasts, strikes, unemployment, inflation and now the spike in prices of essential commodities are testing the resolve of our citizens. This record increase in oil prices will cause cost-pull inflation in foodstuff. Inflation rate is required to be kept within a band of 3% to 4% for stability of any economy. Pakistan has 12% inflation per annum, which is among the highest in the world. Pakistan is ranked 6th in the world in terms of high inflation. Pakistani government, refineries and oil companies are the main beneficiaries of high oil price. Pakistani refineries earned 300-400 percent higher per share profits than their counter parts in Singapore and Middle East. Whatever the reasons for this hyperinflation, the government has to come up with the solutions of socio-economic problems being caused by it. The people of Pakistan voted in the PPP government with lofty expectations of prosperity. Can the PPP pay them back by at least ensuring people are not administered such an unbearable punishment? -SHAIKH ABDUL RASHEED, Shikarpur, via e-mail, July 24.