KATE Middleton has a natural sense of style, according to Sara Buys, her step-sister-in-law, and a style guru Joanna Lumley said, a trifle unkindly, that the Duchess of Cambridge should hire a "fleet of stylists" to help her to get her look and wardrobe absolutely right. Three months after the 29-year-old's wedding to Prince William, she has still to summon a single professional adviser. Cheeringly, Sara Buys, who is Kate's step-sister-in law and something of a fashion guru herself, says she believes she is doing perfectly well with her "go it alone" policy. "There's absolutely no way that she needs a stylist, it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest it," Sara, the wife of Tom Parker Bowles, assures me at a party at The Club at the Ivy. "Kate is naturally a very stylish woman. She did so well in North America flying the flag for British fashion. She's made some great choices and I know designers are honoured when she wears their pieces." It's Sara, of course, a fashion writer, who is credited with advising the Duchess to opt for Alexander McQueen's protg Sara Burton to design the royal wedding dress. She had chosen Burton herself for her own nuptials to the Duchess of Cornwall's son in 2005. Sara insists she would never presume to advise Kate. "I haven't given her any style advice. Why would she need any from me? She never puts a foot wrong. She knows what suits her." Telegraph