I have noticed that our district judiciary does not help the common man, but rather increases their problems. After sixty seven years we should have had a better judiciary with a proper timeframe for resolving cases. Cases are pending in court for years and years, costing the nation and the common man millions of rupees while our criminal lawyers mint money out of their misery. Who benefits from these long drawn out cases, only the lawyers? They have not done anything to improve the system so that they can continue to benefit.

No one is safe in the country, there is no witness protection program, or women protection program for the abused women who face domestic violence. This is the state’s responsibility, as it is to bring the judiciary to heel. There should be proper moral training and information at school level for young children, so that they know the difference between what is right and wrong all of it should not be left to parents. There is a great need for projection of human rights, rule of law, role of law, and basic moral values of humanity in our morally bankrupt and lawless society. I think we can all agree that the time for complacency is long gone, and now is the time for action.


Islamabad, August 5.