It is tragic to see how the government has ignored the recommendation of promulgating a legislation making jute mandatory for food packaging. If they had understood the advantage of this decree, it would have saved millions which are lost during the procurement process of synthetic packaging. It would have saved the masses from the additional burden of respiratory diseases, as wheat grains can easily get contaminated, due to mixing and fusing of polypropylene fibers. In addition to this, the usage of polybags also increases the wastage burden as these bags have very limited reuse capability and recycling is impossible, as cancerous dioxide is released from them.

The use of polypropylene bags is banned in many countries such as India and Bangladesh. Having said that, the government is requested to replace the hazardous polypropylene packaging by providing a readily available natural alternative, which will mitigate the risks of grain contamination and earn the country green credit which is a must if Pakistan wants to excel in its grain commodities’ export in the global markets.


Karachi, August 6.