The worsening water and power situation in the country demands a Herculean solution to assuage the public opinion. The nearest solution, to four decades of neglect in building a mega hydroelectric dam in next 4-5 years, lies in the immediate decision to build Kalabagh dam which can provide cheap affordable power to give some hope to the people. However, this would require the same type of vigour by PML-N as demonstrated in exploding six nuclear devices in 1998. It is up to the PML-N chief to demonstrate if he is made of steel or clay. The choice is to swim in turbulent waters or perish, due to the absence of firm resolve and perseverance. The mantra of consensus that has spellbound the nation has to be broken with a masterstroke by Nawaz Sharif, as the moment is now or never. The crisis can only be diverted by a bold decision, and not by forced march pasts that would not attract the attention of masses to redeem the situation of hopelessness that they find themselves in. Only a historic decision can lift the dark clouds hovering over the government these days.


Lahore, August 2.