I am writing this letter with reference to Dr Shahid’s letter in your paper who seems to be irritated, because he did not get his E-Lane pass. Though he has a number of relatives in the Armed Forces, he seems to know very little about their life. He has alleged that our Armed Forces have become a commercial entity, just because he did not promptly get his E-Tag? All the E-Tag holders have to undergo security clearance before getting it. With militant infiltration into towns, the security checkposts are for protecting people and not for making money.

He has also stated that our Armed Forces jawans get free electricity, gas and accommodation. This is not true, and the men get rations and accommodation free. If they were denied this, no one would join the forces. An army junior officer has limited pay and he would not be able to make ends meet if he did not get these perks. As far as the officers are concerned, they pay for all the utilities, only getting accommodation at subsidised rates. If you deny this subsidy, he will spend his entire pay on accommodation. Thank God, the man in the street loves the Army and is not as ignorant as the doctor seems.


Lahore, August 5.