ISLAMABAD - Argentinean ambassador to Pakistan Rodolfo J Martin Saravia has urged International Tennis Federation to reconsider its decision of not allowing Pakistan to host Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group-II final against Chinese Taipei.

Earlier, Pakistan was denied of hosting the Davis Cup tie against Chinese Taipei from September 18 to 20 at a fully-secured venue of Defence Club Lahore.

In a letter written to the ITF, the Argentinean ambassador has showed his concerns and made a personal request to reconsider its decision. “Pakistan is a country with wonderful resilient people, despite having suffering enormously from more than 10 years because of terrorism activities, devastating earthquake, huge annual floods, frequent internal migration of displaced people and energy crises but beside all this, they continue to be friendly, generous and hospitable people,” the ambassador wrote.

“I am sure you are aware of all these problems that have affected Pakistan and deprived it of hosting international competitions of various sports such as hockey, cricket and tennis. The country is facing another injustice because this country is denied to host the final of the Group-II Davis Cup tie,” the letter reads.

“Being a tennis lover and the citizen of a very active tennis playing country like Argentina, I beg you to look after this issue and grant for the first time in more than a decade chance to Pakistan to host the Davis Cup final at its own territory. I am pretty sure that the government of Pakistan will make, no doubt, all the necessary arrangements for the security and welfare of the Taipei team.

“Your positive decision on this matter would definitely give the people of Pakistan a bit of relief from the permanent suffering they are going through. I hope that my remarks will be taken into consideration for the final decision taken by the International Tennis Federation regarding the organization of the final match,” the letter concluded.