By Anonymous

It was a pleasant day; a slight cool breeze of March was touching my face as I entered from the School gate. Schools lush green lawn was giving pastoral view. While I was passing through that lush green lawn, I heard a noise, a screaming voice of boy, who was saying “Mrrr. Prrresident!! In exactly a ‘Sultan Rahi’s threatening tone as he is going to beat Mr. President.

That day was the Finale of Chief Ministers English Debate Competitions and all winners of division level had been gathered there. I was also one of the threatened aspirants who were slightly hopeful but more frightened. I moved toward that spot where from Sultan Rahi’s shriek was coming. That boy was standing in the mid of ground, surrounded by other boys as a warrior , who is getting ready to attack on others.

Few other participants were nodding each other, as that shouting boy was crazy. I gulped and entered in the hall with trembling legs. The hall was fully decorated and an interesting aspect was that viewers were all school children. Eventually competition started and one by one fiery orators started delivering their speeches. My turn was at the end, so I had to wait in stress. I was deeply absorbed into revision of my speech, when suddenly my attention was grasped but that ‘Sultan Rahi Orator who was on rostrum now.

            He again started with a shriek ‘Mr.President!!!!’A row of laughter sounded among the audience. Then he started describing the catastrophic incident of nuclear explosion in Japan in a hilarious way. His words were ‘ Mr.President the pilot of plane refused to drop the bomb on city, his colonel said ‘drop’ , he said ‘No’.colnol again said ‘Drop’ , he said ‘No’. Eventually colonel said drop bomb otherwise we will shoot your plane. So he decided to drop the bomb. Countdown starts Now just imagine in a school hall, he was doing countdown of a bomb in front of judges and school children in exact Sultan Rahi’s tone. School children were getting mad with laughter, as soon as he finished count down , all school children made sounds of bomb explosion like ‘Thaa,Thaa,Thaa’. Even the jury was laughing on this hilarious performance.

            After him other competitors delivered their speeches. I also did a very argumentative speech and fortunately got 3rd position at Provincial level. After announcement, I wanted to see that Sultan Rahi’s tone orator but he had been vanished till that time.

Seven years have been passed now, I do not remember even my own speech, but that boy’s hilarious speech is still fresh in my mind as a latest joke.