Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms Ahsan Iqbal Friday announced launching of vision 2025 ‘Passionate Pakistan’ campaign to brand country locally and internationally to highlight positive attributes of Pakistan and make it attractive destination for investment after turnaround in political, security and economic fronts in last two years.

The time has come to work towards building the national image of Pakistan and initiating a brand for country, Ahsan Iqbal stated while chairing the consultative meeting on “Pakistan Passionate” brand initiative at Planning Commission of Pakistan. The meeting was attended by chief executive officers (CEOs) of leading local and multinational companies. Passionate Pakistan initiative, which will highlight the passion of Pakistani people in different walks of life, will be launched in August. On the occasion, CEOs of leading companies assured their full support to Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform in its “Passionate Pakistan” initiative.

The minister said that the branding of Pakistan through this initiative will introduce the country to outside world through the passion of the people of Pakistan in fields of culture, food, sports, arts, business, academia, technology etc. He particularly mentioned the youth of the country that has deep passion and said the new generation can play a pivotal role to make Passionate Pakistan initiative a success.

Shedding light on the economic recovery during last two years, minister said that country crossed 4 percent growth rate after seven years and hoped that it would be over five percent during current financial year. By end of tenure of present government growth rate is expected to settle above six percent. The other economic indicators such as stock market, foreign exchange reserve, inflation, investment etc. are showing positive trends because of economy-driven policies of the present government.

He said 10000 MGW will be added in the national grid by 2018 and power crisis will be solved with supply of this electricity. Present government is also upgrading the transmission and distribution system of electricity, which had been neglected in last fifteen years.

Ahsan Iqbal said peace and security has seen visible improvement in last two years and today Karachi, Balochsitan and other parts of country are showing visible improvement and much better as compared to 2013. The operation against terrorism has also produced dividends in the form of secured Pakistan. The success is an outcome of harmonious relationship among civil-military leadership and consensus among all parties and organs of state. We need similar synergy in economic field also.

He said Vision-2025 is a key strategic initiative to transform the economy of 200 million people into knowledge economy for inclusive development and shared prosperity.

He said public sector has lost capacity after failing to attract the talent due to financial constraints. It is private sector that is attracting pool of talent. He said professional support from corporate sector in CPEC, financial evaluation, strategic management, information technology etc. will be helpful to implement the initiatives envisioned in Vision-2025. The campaign will be run with the help of top brand managers of the country.

CEOs of leading companies assured their full support to Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform in its “Passionate Pakistan” initiative, which they believed would greatly boost soft image of the country globally.

The participants urged that Pakistani media should be involved in the campaign to change the focus from negativity to positivity.