Veteran Kashmiri leader and former chief justice of AJK High Court Abdul Majeed Mallick reiterated that the separate identity of the Jammu & Kashmir is very clear as the state is neither part of India nor of Pakistan as per the UN’s resolutions.

“The J&K state is inalienable entity admitted and guaranteed in the UN resolutions, Qanoon Azadi-e-Hind or the Indian Independence Law and the Constitution of Pakistan,” the retired justice added while responding to series of questions raised by advocates at a ceremony held at the lawyers chamber on Friday.

Justice (r) Mallick turned down India’s irrelevant and uncalled for claim of the Jammu & Kashmir State as her integral part, and said that New Delhi had made hostage the internationally-acknowledged right of freedom and self-determination under the bogey of the bilateral talks after the Shimla Accord.

He further said that New Delhi is massively involved in curbing the innocent people of Jammu & Kashmir by depriving them of their right to freedom through the massive use of national resources so as to perpetuate its unlawful hold on the Indian-occupied part of the disputed Himalayan state.

“Through this continued act of hostility, state terrorism and human rights abuses, India was basically making abortive attempts to skip off the reality and existence of the Kashmir freedom struggle,” the JKLL chief observed.

The Kashmiri leader urged India to accept the ground realities about the legitimate Kashmir problem and focus on the earliest possible settlement of the apex issue of Kashmir - the prime bone of contention between the two neighbouring nuclear states, in line with the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir state, major party to the dispute.

The Kashmiri leader emphasised that early peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem was the need of hour for the establishment of everlasting peace in South Asia and for grant of the right to self-determination to the Jammu Kashmir people under the spirit of the UN Security Council’s resolutions.