The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) organized a workers convention here the other day. The convention was held under the name of APML Punjab Unity Convention and organized by Rana Qamarul Zaman Chan. Scores of party workers and leaders attended the convention.

APML Punjab President Pir Safdar Rasool Shah, APML Sargodha Division Rana Qamarul Zaman, Khushab District President Syed Ghulam Husnain Shah, Bhakkhar District President Ghulam Sarwar Bhatti, Sargodha District President Shoqat Goria, Youth Wing Sargodha Division President, Sadam Hussain Baloch, Mianwali District President Junaid Ishfaq and APML Youth Wing Khushab Rana Farhan Haider attended the convention.

Speaking on the occasion, the APML leaders said that people wanted real change and such change could be brought in through practical steps, not sloganeering. They said that service to the masses was pivot of the politics of the APML. They said that if the APML was given an opportunity to serve the masses, the country would be steered out of crises and put on the road of progress.

The APML leaders maintained that Pervez Musharraf was the only leader who could steer the country out of the prevailing crises and put the country on the road to real progress. They said that worst policy of loot and plunder of national resources had destroyed national institutions. They said that the rulers had given the gifts of poverty, unemployment and loadshedding to the masses which they would never be able to forget.

They said that the gulf between the rich and the poor had widened and life of people was more miserable now. They said that it had become extremely difficult for poor to make both ends meet. They further said that if the masses continued to follow the dictum of lesser evil and the bigger and there could not be a change in the country. It was the time when the masses must rise up to bring the change in the corrupt and flawed system, they added.

They further recalled the ideology of Quaid-i-Azam, if the Muslims wanted to live with honour, the only way open to them to live and die for Pakistan and lay down their lives for principles.