S: Ameen, my friend Bilal is so angry with me. I totally forgot his birthday. Now he’s throwing a tantrum and giving me bad vibes…

A: Okay, that is just the silliest thing I have ever heard. Is he a seven year old child? I think the whole idea of making a whole fuss about a birthday is silly.

S: Bilal is silly. But birthdays are a celebration of life Ameen. I love my birthday.

A: It’s just an excuse to eat cake and not do chores. There is no reason why anyone should be treated like a king on their birthday. It’s only like we are celebrating an achievement. A graduation party, I can understand. A wedding, Eid, Christmas, all events. A birthday of a random person. Why?

S: Hey look, Christmas is a birthday too, a wedding is the birth of a new life together… a person’s birthday is a celebration of his being. Why do you need to have such a clear-cut reason?

A: Because its a waste of time, and money in many cases. And to be honest, as Muslims we even celebrate our birthdays on the wrong day every year. When someone says its their birthday, one can very easily, “No its not!”

S: That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Are you trying to be funny? It’s a custom, not a religious ritual. It’s a happy day and it can be any day. I wouldn’t mind celebrating it twice a year. You don’t have to be so proper. People deserve to be happy, even if it’s for no reason.

A: Hey, you are the one on the receiving end for not being proper. If birthdays are so important and joyous, how did you forget the birthday of such a close friend? Do you even remember when it’s my birthday? Has Bilal’s birthday been happy for you?

S: No. And no. But I had better call him and pretend to apologise.