KASUR - The illegal parking of motorbikes and rickshaws outside Model Town Bazaar has plunged the area into a worst traffic nightmare.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that the frequent traffic jams are also causing numerous problems for motorists and pedestrians alike. During the survey, the reporter sought views of denizens of the area and problems they are faced with due to illegal parking of the vehicles. Talking to the scribe, locals said that the traffic jams have turned short distances into hours-long journeys. They said that they are faced with a great ordeal as they find it difficult to reach their destinations in time. They regretted that even ambulances cannot find a way to carry patients to hospitals in time, thanks to the queue up bikes and rickshaws parked in the bazaar.

They said that the illegal vehicles' parking is adding to the public problems and have become a public nuisance. They demanded the authorities concerned action against the illegal vehicles' parking to facilitate the masses.