ISLAMABAD: An estimated loss of Rs. 1 Billion owing to recent fault is submarine cable had to be suffered by Pakistan’s Economy.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has summoned report from major stakeholders in regards to the recent fault.

PTA informed that Pakistan was experiencing slow internet as IMEWE, the international underwater cable responsible for bringing internet to Pakistan, had gone offline due to technical problems on August 5.

Although timely arranged substitutes for provision of internet services were provided by PTA; several public and private conglomerates including PIA faced difficulties in their online operations.

PTA chairman said estimate of loss incurred is being carried out. Senior Executive Vice President Sikandar Naqi stated that internet system has been fully restored whereas PTCL did not suffer from a huge loss as the country in whose area submarine cable faces loss is held responsible for repair work.

As per stats shared by PTA, figure of DSL users stands at 1527306, HFC at 50571, Wimax stands at 168511, FTTH at 48020, EOD at 729625 and mobile users at 44608065.