LAHORE - Paksitan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri is arriving Lahore this morning to launch what his party claims a decisive and final movement on Model Town incident.

His spokesman Noorullah Siddiqui told The Nation that Qadri will stay in Pakistan to take the Qisas (blood for blood) Movement to its logical end. “Dr Qadri will not leave Pakistan until the families of Model Town victims get justice,” he said.

A large number of party workers from different cities already arrived in Lahore to give their leader a historic welcome. Dr Qadri is reaching Allama Iqbal International Airport at 8am via flight of Qatar Airways. He left Norway on Sunday and made a short stay in Doha from where he picked a direct flight for Lahore.

Canadian national Dr Qadri is a prominent religious cleric and heads Pakistan Awami Tehreek and charity Minhajul Quran International.

He had launched a protest movement against Sharifs in August 2014 after the June 2014’s incident of Model Town which took lives of its 14 followers following a clash with police.

Qadri alleges former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif were directly involved in killing of PAT workers. He has been demanding both Sharifs be tried in the courts for “their involvement” in the incident.

During past three years, he made many trips to Pakistan, started a protest movement and left the country in the middle of the movement. But, he had vowed on many occasions that PAT would continue “haunting” the Sharifs. The main objective of Dr Qadri’s arrival, according to party leaders, is to lead countrywide protests under final phase of Qisas Movement and to unite the Opposition parties at a single platform against PML-N.

“We will hold protests and sit-in in different cities and raise our demand for justice on Model Town incident,” said a PAT spokesman.

“Off-course, Lahore will be the central point of our movement but we hold rallies in Islamabad, Karachi and other big cities,” he added.

The sit-in in Lahore, he said, will be organised at The Mall within a week of Dr Qadri’s arrival. PAT will demand from the apex court and the army chief to play their role in getting justice for victim families, he added.

“Shehbaz Sharif cannot be the chief executive of Punjab as he is involved in killing of our innocent people. The elder Sharif already disqualified from the Supreme Court but we will raise demand for his arrest and trial in Model Town tragedy.”

Dr Qadri, he informed, will also host an all parties’ conference in Lahore in pursuance of PAT demands.