Wealth is the most authentic source of developing modern technology. Wealthiest countries like America and China have been advancing their technological innovation. Sadly, Arab countries—— Kuwait, Qatar UAE are wealthiest states which produce largest oil-gas resources—— are still lagging behind technological advancement. For instance, there is an international report in this year’s edition of the Global Innovation Index, an annual study published by Cornell University which depicts Arab countries standing between 38th to 60th ranking in technological innovation. One wonders why Arab-rish states are less innovative than their resources which are apparently good enough to advance technology! It may be because of their less productive administration and unstable political structure. 

It is really sad to know that despite higher GDP per head than America, Arab-oil-rich countries are far less advanced in modern technology than other lower wealthy states. 

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other rich-resourful states must advance their technologies as they work efficiently for economy. If the technology is advanced, the economic growth would automatically be risen on top. Chinese rapid economic growth is eye-opening and open-secret that its modern technology has connected it with the world under Ancient Silk Road and OBOR initiatives. 


Shikarpur, July 16.