Tehrik-e-lnsaf, after winning General Elections under the leadership of Imran Khan. would he ushered into power in the Centre and at least in three out of four provinces of Pakistan KI Punjab and Sindh. Even in the fourth province - Baluchistan- it may he able to form a coalition government with one or two parties. 

After being thus ushered into power, it would be faced with many challenges. the most important and immediate of which would be the Failing economy, the sharpest indicator of which is the declining rate of Pakistan rupee against the dollar and the lowest level of foreign exchange reserves. (Pak rupee has fallen to the level of about Rs. 130= 1$ while foreign exchange reserves are hardly sufficient to finance imports for a month or two). 

The impending payment of quarterly interest installment on foreign loan alone needs some US $ 2 Billion. Going to the IMF for a bailout package (more loan) means conditionalties hardly conducive to the welfare of the common man. One way to obviate such situation is to appeal to the Overseas Pakistanis to rescue the nation from the impending catastrophe by sending at least one thousand dollars each earning Overseas Pakistani (of which there must he at least a quarter of the total Expatriate Pakistani population about 80 lakh).to any of their relatives in Pakistan. 

Thus an amount of around two billion dollars would come to the national exchanger which would be added to the foreign exchange reserves and would suffice for the essential imports for the next six months. The fact is that only Expatriate Pakistanis can rescue the nation from the impending economic crisis and seeing the history of these patriotic Pakistani expatriates and their liking for Imran Khan and Tehrik-e-Insaf I am sure that they would come to the rescue of Pakistan at this juncture of national extinction or survival. Some of the ways these expatriate Pakistanis can further help the nation survive this life or death struggle would be outlined in the coming lines. 

The next point on which I would like to dilate a little is the intention of using all the four Governor houses in the four provinces. The future Pakistan Prime Minister has expressed his intention to use these Governor Houses as public places. The need of finances to run the Govt, its development projects and repay the loans.(of which only the foreign loans exceed some 80 billion dollars). All the four Governor Houses are located on prime sites of the provincial headquarters. Their sale for building commercial or residential complexes to parties like Fauji Foundation, DHAs and Malik Riaz at competitive prices can fetch trillions of rupees and these parties can also be asked to pay in US dollars or any other strong currency. Then official residences of Commissioners, DCs. l and other high Govt. officials (built in the colonial era) stand at scores of acres in almost all the major cities of Pakistan and similar sale of each can fetch billion of Pak rupees. As said earlier they can he used for building commercial and residential complexes. Then lands around the proposed dams and water reservoirs can be put to such commercial use selling these tracts of lands for constructing pleasure resorts and tourist attractions. Govt. lands along all the rivers (especially the longest of them the Indus river) can be sold for agricultural use. Water for these agricultural tracts can be obtained by drilling tube wells which can he powered b solar energy. Prospective buyers of commercial and residential units constructed at all the above mentioned sites can be found in abundance amongst the Expatriate Pakistanis who can he asked to pay in foreign currencies. 


Lahore, August 2.