Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has officially been nominated as the candidate for Prime Minister from the leading party. After his nomination by the party’s parliamentary party, Imran Khan once again addressed the media and highlighted the agenda of his party for the next five years. The economy of the country needs the utmost attention, especially after talks about another bailout and the possible pressure of the USA on IMF to not facilitate Pakistan. He highlighted that the economy will be the priority for the first six months, however, the test will be to come up with sustainable economic policies which last beyond the five-year rule.

At the same time, he promised that the decisions will be based on meritocracy and in the best interest of the country. The party is new in the system, which is why they have a lot of leverage as well as compared to the other parties. Making promises such as not enforcing rules which Imran Khan would not personally follow are good tactics to gather support, however, to be able to implement them will take a lot of effort and effective policymaking.

A new promise made by Imran Khan was that as the Prime Minister of the country, he will ensure contact with the people on a regular basis. This he promised would be done by arranging a weekly question and answer session just like the British prime ministers. This is a great precedent if the promised is followed through because it sets the example of accountability and makes the lawmakers of the country more accessible to the public, which otherwise feels alienated by the ruling authorities. He also criticised the security protocol granted to him, however, while the trend of VIP culture should be done away with; it is also important to educate the masses about security threats.

One takeaway from the address was that Imran Khan is well aware of the fact that a third party in a mainstream two party system is a great feat in traditional politics, however, with that comes great responsibility to deliver. The party has set the benchmark very high for its first tenure and many eyes will be set on them, ready to question whenever they falter. There will be a lot of pressure to deliver, especially because of the opposition in the making.