ISLAMABAD-The prime minister office has directed Capital Development Authority and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad to resolve their jurisdiction issue within 3 months to improve service delivery of civic agencies.

The Prime Minister Delivery Unit in its fresh move has conveyed specific tasks to concerned ministries and division with the directions to complete them within a time period of 3 to 6 months.

In its letter written to the interior division, one of the major tasks assigned to the city managers is to resolve their internal jurisdiction issue. It was suggested that both the organisations should list down all the areas where they are at odd and identify the problems pertaining to the devolution of assets and liabilities.

It was further directed to conduct meetings by involving all stakeholders to settle this issue once for all.

According to the Local Government Act, certain CDA departments were to be fully and partially devolved to the MCI. The partial devolutions have not been carried out so far, which is creating hurdles in the functioning of said departments.

In addition to aforementioned task, the city managers were also directed to prepare a plan for the repair and replacement of faulty water supply lines, enforcement of fair safety measures in private commercial buildings, cleaning of water streams and rain water drains and removal of illegal and unsafe billboards.

It was directed to conduct complete survey of water supply lines and identify the completely rusted or broken pipelines that need replacement and those which can be fixed. The city managers were also directed estimate the cost to repair and maintain these faulty lines in addition to make a priority list as per the need of the city.

On the other side, it was directed to collect the data of illegal billboards in the city and conduct the operation clean-up after serving them the notices. According to sources, these tasks were conceived by PMDU either on the bases of repeated complaints received or expected to be received in future. When contacted, Deputy Secretary Prime Minister Office Adil Safi explained that the tasks given to the different ministries and division were basically proactive and preventive in nature.

“There were responsive service delivery in Pakistan but we are taking advance measures to avoid the complaints”, he maintained, adding, “A total of 56 tasks have been assigned to be achieved in next 3-6 months.”

Once the deadline given to complete the task expires, the Prime Minister would take presentation upon progress by the concerned ministers and federal secretaries one by one, it was learnt.