LAHORE-On the morning show of Nida Yasir, the Hocane sisters, Mawra and Urwa appeared to promote their new clothing brand titled U X M, and somehow the discussion moved to speaking about mental health issues.

In a video clip that is now making rounds on social media, it’s evident that it’s only your diet that causes depression according to Hocane sisters.

In the video, Urwa Hocane says, “There are so many problems these days, we hear someone say that they’ve got depression or mental ‘disease’, but it’s all because of food! There’s no other reason.” “It’s what you put in your body”, added Mawra. After both actresses were criticised heavily for their irresponsible statement, Mawra tried explaining her point again by posting a Google screenshot on her Instagram.

She took this issue on Instagram and wrote: “If you eat lots of processed meat, fried food, refined cereals, candies, pastries, and high fats products, you are most likely to be anxious and depressed,” Mawra wrote.