LAHORE-Actor-cum-producer Hareem Farooq will be seen as the lead character in an upcoming movie ‘Heer Maan Ja’ which is set to release on Eid-ul-Adha.

Recently, while speaking to BBC Asian Network in an interview, Hareem told how she balances being a producer and actress.

“This is a new thing and everyone is going to jump in. Anyone who wants to be in this profession the first thing they have in their minds is film. Now I have to do a film. Everyone has the opportunity to do that,” Hareem said.

When asked: “You are a producer; so you get to make the films that nobody is willing to commission.” The star replied, “You know what in a way that it does give you that liberty, that opportunity to create your own content, in a way it does. But at the same time I have to keep an eye on the market as well. But yes it does give me edge where I can actually interfere with the fact let’s try and experiment.”

“Giving substance to female characters in our films, I think that is what I aim to do. It could be your daily life routine, bubbly heroine as well, but she needs to have substance to her, she should not just be there to look pretty,” she added.

When asked about the difference between producing a film or drama, Hareem said: “If you talk about my film productions, it was probably less empowered. Whatever I am doing on television is what I want to do on films as well.”