Pakistan, being a Democratic and sovereign state still faces inequality on the fronts of gender and religion. Those who have political power are the source of backwardness of women in Pakistan because they advocate the subordination of women. However, Pakistan has a dual system; civic and Sharia. The constitution of Pakistan recognized equality between males and females. Article 25 states” there shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex “. Recently, the” All Pakistan Ulema Council “ discredited honor killing.

Despite all of this, the domestic abuse, child marriage, the forced marriage, and rape cases are prevalent. The rape victims are not allowed to use DNA for proving the case. In fact, women who report harassment are disrespected by police. Moreover, it’s said the “ Child Marriage Restraint Act “ made it illegal for girls at the age of 16 to be married but it is found in many areas. Likewise, “vani” is a child marriage custom found in Punjab. 21% of girls under the age of 18 and 3% under 16 get married. A report stated the percentage of child marriage remained high with 72 in Sindh. Indeed, 33% of women face physical abuse and the educational status of women in Pakistan is the lowest in the world.

Out of 7.261 million children out of schools, 58% are females and the ones who go become the victims of acid throwing. Hence, Pakistan can’t be developed if women are kept in such conditions.